30 November, 2022

A new beginning at Kilcoy Motel

TAKING over the reins at the Kilcoy Motel has been an entirely new adventure for Paul Goodrick and Kellie Price.

A new beginning at Kilcoy Motel - feature photo

Just two weeks after starting their tenure as the leasehold owners, Paul and Kellie said they already felt settled in their new environment and surrounding area despite the demands.

Last weekend was a particularly busy time as they were booked out due to the Kilcoy Christmas Cup horseracing event.

Paul said they had a terrific crowd as there were regular attendees, and that they looked forward to coming back next year.

“It was good from a business point of view as well,” Paul said.

Paul and Kellie said a lot of their other clients so far had been involved with the local roadworks, and that a range of holidaymakers were likely to stay in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Even before people arrived for last weekend’s race meet, Kellie said she and Paul were enjoying the town and that “there’s a real chance to become a part of the community”.

Kellie said she thought “this will be a really nice town to come home to”, while she was becoming more accustomed to online shopping.

Paul said he “absolutely” called Kilcoy home. Already.

“Everyone’s been nice to us. Acceptance is probably the right word,” Paul said.

Having spent much of their past in capital cities such as Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, Paul and Kellie had spent little time in regional areas. Paul was in Dalby for a couple of years at one stage, when his work activity involved drilling.

With a background in technology – mainly dealing with audio visual and print – Paul and Kellie said they sought “something a bit different”, which led to their decision to take up their roles in Kilcoy.

Paul said whole units and cabins were available, and that these could accommodate parents and up to four children.

Kellie said they wanted to create an enjoyable place for families, and had already bought a new barbecue as well as products for the pool area, while there were also picnic baskets and games for children.

Kellie said there would still be some “painting, and modernising” to make sure the motel’s facilities were comfortable for guests.

“I really want to help (the guests) enjoy the wider Somerset area, (including) the wineries and the golf club,” she said.

“People can base themselves here, and we can give them information, and help them relax and have fun.”

Having been involved in the Ipswich Chamber of Commerce, Paul and Kellie have already shown an interest in the Kilcoy Chamber of Commerce. Paul attended last week’s Kilcoy Chamber of Commerce meeting at the Exchange Hotel, and found it convenient that the location was just across the road from the motel.

Kellie said she had travelled a lot around Australia and overseas, and had stayed in some places that were great while other places were not so great.

“It makes a difference when the little things are done right,” Kellie said.


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