21 June, 2024

AI helps 50s group write single

Popular entertainers among the over 50s demographic, King of 50s group are now releasing their first ever original single.

Steve (Elvis) and Kenny (Buddy Holly).
Steve (Elvis) and Kenny (Buddy Holly).

The Stanmore group, which has performed across Moreton Bay, Somerset and Sunshine Coast for several years, has three main members: Elvis (Steve Minhinnick), Buddy Holly (Kenny) and Brenda Lee (Heather Field), plus their live band.

Although drawing inspiration from 50’s rock n’ roll, the group has had a very modern approach to its song-writing, making use of artificial intelligence (AI) to get inspiration to write melodies and choruses.

Manager Jonathan Gesthuizen said AI was a fantastic collaborative writing tool, which “opens up boundaries of what you can do”.

“Kings of the 50s are embracing the new technology as a collaborative writing tool to help with song creation, that we perform in a live situation played with real instruments and real voices,” he said.

“It’s no different from someone turning up with ideas on paper: you still need to come up with lyrics and put it all together and be able to perform and play those songs well.

“It speeds the process but you still need musicianship skills to pull it off .”

Mr Gesthuizen added the use of AI is not new to the music industry, with top producers in America estimating 80 per cent of new music will be totally generated by the technology.

New technology, however, is always met with criticism, he said, with people having called computer editing “cheating” 20 years ago.

Led by their passion for the music and style of the 1950s, Kings of the 50s has become a favourite entertainment choice at retirement villages, community events, and private functions throughout the region.

They hope to release their single on streaming platforms in the next month.

For additional information, contact: Jonathan Gesthuizen 0478 749 277 or Heather Field 0488 737 996 or email


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