3 June, 2022

Another big week for Chappy Pete

LAST week was a memorable one for Kilcoy-based school chaplain Peter Robertson, as Kilcoy and Mt Kilcoy State Schools took part in Chappy Week.

Another big week for Chappy Pete - feature photo

The activities reflected the annual Chappy Week, which is run by Scriptures Union Australia, and aims to raise the profile of chaplaincy, recognise the work of chaplains, and raise funds to support them.

It was only earlier this year that Mr Robertson, or ‘Chappy Pete’ as he is known at the local schools, began his role as a school chaplain following a lengthy career in the banking industry.

Colouring-in work took place at Kilcoy and Mt Kilcoy State Schools during Chappy Week, with many chocolate prizes handed out.

Chappy Pete also held a sausage sizzle at IGA in Kilcoy on the Wednesday.

“It not only raised some funds for the chaplaincy committee but also allowed me to meet members of the community (who) I would not normally get to meet,” he said.

Chappy Pete said he had a great day at Kilcoy State School on Thursday, as he had helpers with breakfast club in the morning and seeing what the life of a chaplain looked like.

Friday was a free dress day at Kilcoy State School, featuring a gold coin donation. Chappy Pete enjoyed cake with the staff, and wore his brand new ‘Happy Chappy’ shirt.

Kilcoy State School acting principal Belinda Nash said the school was very excited to have a Scripture Union Queensland Chaplain, providing support to the students, their families and the community.

Mrs Nash said Chappy Pete had been working hard to connect with the local community and make his services known.

“Many families have already benefitted from his support and for that we are incredibly grateful,” she said.

The Kilcoy State School students donated a total of $280, which Mrs Nash said was a fabulous addition to the sausage sizzle fundraiser from the Wednesday.

“It was really lovely to hear reports of parents who were able to meet him for the first time,” she said.

Mt Kilcoy State School principal Micah Payne said Chappy Pete had been a wonderful addition to the school community.

“He brings a wealth of experience and a passion, and makes a difference in the lives of children and families in the community,” Mr Payne said.

“He’s very kind, caring, compassionate, and it’s good to have him on board.”

Mr Payne described himself as “a big supporter of chaplaincy in schools”, and said he thought all schools should have a chaplaincy program.


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