19 April, 2024

April Artist of the Month

Contributed by Kilcoy Art Society: Thank you to Larry Rollason for being our Artist of the Month (AOM) for March.

Noela Lowien is Kilcoy Art Society’s April Artist of the Month.
Noela Lowien is Kilcoy Art Society’s April Artist of the Month.

Larry’s collection included a diverse range of colourful landscapes and abstract art, and received positive feedback from the visiting public.

Award-winning local artist Noela Lowien is our AOM for April!

Noela is a descendant of several local families in the picturesque Kilcoy district and has a passionate interest in Kilcoy history.

Noela is also an active member of the Kilcoy Art Society Inc, Kilcoy and Districts Historical Society and the Kilcoy Show Society (Art Section).

Noela enjoys experimenting with different mediums including oil, pencil, watercolour, pen and wash, pastels, acrylics, calligraphy and floral art.

Subject matter varies from time to time and includes landscapes, buildings, still Life, portraits, animals and modern/abstract.

Her work has been displayed in many exhibitions, district shows and can be viewed at several local venues throughout the Somerset region.

The title for her Artist of the Month exhibition is “From the Past” which reflects the past history and country lifestyle of Kilcoy’s local and surrounding districts and is a fitting sequel to her previous solo exhibition themes.

Noela has a great admiration for the Australian bush and the beauty of our natural landscapes and has always had a desire to capture the atmosphere of past and present day in paintings of street and landscape scenes which is evident in her “From the Past” exhibition.

Please support Noela by visiting the Kilcoy Courthouse Art Gallery during April to view her beautiful artwork.


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