17 April, 2021

Attention all 5-40 acre property owners

Serious weeds are problems for property owners in the Woodford area. Can you identify Fire Weed or Giant Rats Tail (GRT) grass? Do you have infestations of these weeds on your property?

Attention all 5-40 acre property owners - feature photo

If the answer is yes, then you should consider attending a workshop that the Woodford Lions are organising to provide information about these weeds and the best methods for controlling them.

Woodford Lions Club commenced the Weed Free Woodford project in 2016 as a result of these two difficult weeds becoming an increasing problem in the area.

Fireweed has a very pretty lemon yellow flower, but is toxic to livestock and is largely prevalent over the drier months (May to October)

GRT is prevalent over wetter months and is a tough clumping grass that cattle don’t eat and which is a prolific seeder that prefers the warmer, wetter months (Nov - April). 

Because the seeds of GRT  are so small, they travel readily on the prevailing winds and will turn up anywhere where there is a bare patch of ground. Due to this, it’s a constant battle to keep the weeds at bay, particularly in the dry months when grazing cattle can leave the ground bare.

The critical aspect of managing weeds is to contain the seed bank in the soil. It is important that everyone does what they can to reduce the number of plants able to reach a mature age when they flower and go to seed. Unfortunately Fireweed has a maturation age of only 6 weeks. GRT has a longer one of about 3 months depending on conditions.

Therefore, it is therefore very important that emerging infestations are identified and reported to the Moreton Bay Regional Council by phoning 3205 0555.

By joining the Weed Free Woodford group (which is free), members are provided with regular updates as to when the seasons are recommencing and strategies for managing the weeds and access to the latest research.


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