21 November, 2023

Awards shine at Tullawong

Tullawong State High School had a vibrant Awards Night on Tuesday November 14, with stunning performances, inspirational speeches and lots of cheers as the school recognised.

Awards shine at Tullawong - feature photo

From year 7 to year 12, the smiles on students’ faces as they walked across the stage showed the importance of having their eff orts celebrated by teachers and family.

The sense of friendship and camaraderie amongst the students was also heart-warming and contagious, with various students high-fiving classmates on stage, cheering each other on from the crowd, hugging their friends and exclaiming “I’m so proud of you” to their fellow colleagues.

Two big highlights of the night were the student performances. The Tullawong Performance Team put on a breath-taking, modern ballet routine inspired by The Black Swan, and year 11 and 12 music students Thomas Taylor, Joshua Goreham, Pukemanu Jury and Zander Stead uplifted the audience by performing a cover of ‘Life is a Highway’.

The ballet performance was entirely made up of and choreographed by students, being so masterfully executed that it looked like an actual company making an appearance at the school.

The band, on the other hand, put so much energy into their performance that they had the entire hall clapping and singing along.

Aside from the recognition awards, 16 special awards were handed out to various students, along with the House Championship awards and the announcement of the 2024 leaders and school captains.

By the end of the night, some students heard their names two or more times. Kiata House won the House Championship.

Congrats to all students for their efforts and to all family and teaching staff for helping them get where they are!

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