24 December, 2023

Be wary of scams at holiday time

Federal member for Blair, Shanye Neumann, is urging people to be aware of scams during the Christmas holidays, as historically fake charity scams hit their peak in December and January.

Be wary of scams at holiday time - feature photo

“So-called phishing scams, which allow scammers to remotely take over phones and personal computers, are the biggest risk at this time of year.

“Consumers should also be on the lookout for impersonation scams, where scammers pose as a legitimate business, charity or family member, or where scammers set up fake shops or classified ads.

“A few simple steps, like shopping with trusted retailers, calling family rather than texting, never giving personal details over the phone, and avoiding clicking on suspicious links in text messages or emails, can help keep us all safe.”

Mr Neumann is also encouraging people to be generous in supporting charities this festive season, but to remain vigilant against fraudulent charity scams.

To avoid being scammed by dodgy charities, look for verified fundraising campaigns, confirm if the organisation is on the Australian Charity register, and avoid random emails with charity links.


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