4 July, 2023

Biogas flaring at Esk Landfill set to slash methane emissions

A NEWLY struck carbon-cutting partnership between Somerset Regional Council (SRC) and LGI Limited (LGI) is set to deliver extraordinary results for the environment and the local community.

The Esk Refuse and Recycling Centre and Landfill
The Esk Refuse and Recycling Centre and Landfill

LGI recovers biogas from landfill and reduces methane emissions, delivers sizeable environmental benefits and will help SRC achieve its ambitious emissions reductions.

LGI founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Adam Bloomer said the partnership with SRC was at no cost to local ratepayers and would deliver long-term, meaningful environmental outcomes for the region.

“LGI will install and operate a biogas collection and flaring system at Council’s Esk Refuse and Recycling Centre and Landfill on Murrumba Road,” Mr Bloomer said.

“Emissions from the Esk Landfill currently contribute up to 60 percent of Somerset Regional Council’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

“Council will also receive a percentage of the Australian Carbon Credit Units generated by the project.”

LGI’s carbon cutting approach of using proven, cost-effective technologies to capture and abate harmful methane emissions from landfills and generate renewable energy are widely used throughout Queensland.

To date, LGI’s approach has helped Moreton Bay Regional Council to reduce its carbon (CO2e) emissions by 1.1 million tonnes, which is the equivalent of planting 18 million seedlings for the next decade.

Innovative Australian councils have been using landfill gas reduction technologies for more than a quarter of a century to deliver meaningful environmental outcomes.

Mr Bloomer said LGI was at the leading edge of carbon-cutting processes. This blueprint, recently adopted by SRC, has become more popular following the Australian Government’s recent commitment to cut emissions by 43 percent by 2030.

“Somerset Regional Council is an example of what progressive councils can do if they want to prioritise emissions reductions,” Mr Bloomer said.

“It’s clear, the local community and civic leaders at Somerset Regional Council are serious about saving money for their community while transitioning to a cleaner, greener future by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.”

SRC’s CEO Andrew Johnson said the partnership with LGI followed through on its commitment made in the 2022 annual report to investigate emissions reduction opportunities.

“For more than a year we have been investigating opportunities to reduce methane emissions at the Esk Landfill,” Mr Johnson said.

“Council is on a path to zero emissions and the partnership with LGI will help us get there.

“Council will continue to deliver affordable rates and effective services, while delivering emissions reductions.

“We’re proud to be an example of what can be achieved when the environment is prioritised in a financially pragmatic way.”


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