25 April, 2024

Brekkie raises funds at Memorial Drive

The Woodford Lions Club presented a $700 cheque to the Jackson Hepner Foundation (JHF) on Monday of last week, as a follow-up to the JHF Memorial Drive from a few weeks earlier.

By Liam Hauser

John Hartley presents a cheque to Mitch and Rachael Hepner.
John Hartley presents a cheque to Mitch and Rachael Hepner.

The club raised the funds by cooking bacon and egg rolls for breakfast at Archer Falls Airfield, before the attendees headed to the Harlin Hotel for the remainder of the event.

Trucks and motorbikes were among the vehicles involved. In its fourth year, the JHF Memorial Drive continued to raise funds to create hampers for people and their families affected by cancer, after Jackson Hepner tragically lost his battle with osteosarcoma.

The hampers have oft en ranged from $500 to $1,500 each, while containing items such as Visa cards and Uber Eats vouchers.

Jackson’s mum Rachael said, “Whilst we are the face of the foundation sharing Jackson’s story, it is the JHF tribe who also have their hands on the hampers we gift wrapped in love.

“Without each and everyone who attends and supports the Jackson Hepner Foundation, we wouldn’t be able to do what we are doing.

“It amazes us each year to see more people attend, and given the cost of fuel, (and) cost of living it is so very appreciated.

“The power of people when they can come together with the same intention is very powerful and is making a direct difference to others when faced with a cancer diagnosis.

“In a world that at times is so very cruel to so many, witnessing the kindness radiate from so many that want to help is truly magical.”

The Woodford Lions Club said in a statement, “The Woodford Lions would like to thank all those that purchased our bacon and egg rolls on the day, and we are thrilled we raised $700 to donate to this wonderful foundation in Jackson’s name.

“Thank you Rachael and Mitch (Hepner) for all you do, and you will have the continued Woodford Lions Club Inc support always.”


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