19 April, 2024

Brieschke re-elected as Deputy

Somerset councillors have unanimously supported the appointment of Helen Brieschke as Deputy Mayor for the next four years at the new council’s first meeting on March 10 in Esk.

Re-elected Deputy Mayor, Cr Helen Brieschke.
Re-elected Deputy Mayor, Cr Helen Brieschke.

Cr Brieschke said she was humbled to again be assigned to the role.

“I would like to extend my thanks to my colleagues for voting me in this role and I look forward to the next four years,” Cr Brieschke said.

“I will perform the role of Deputy Mayor to the best of my ability.”

Somerset Mayor Jason Wendt said this first meeting was the “official start of something exciting for our Somerset region”.

Cr Wendt is joined by councillors Brieschke, Michael Bishop, Kylee Isidro, Tiara Hurley, Brett Freese and Sally Jess. The next meeting will be held from 9am on April 24.


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