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23 February, 2021

Caboolture West to get a new name

Before construction on Caboolture West gets underway, the region needs a new name.

Caboolture West to get a new name - feature photo

Mayor Peter Flannery said he supported today’s motion put forward by Cr Tony Latter (Div 12)

calling for community input on a new name to better reflect the area.

“This will be Council’s single biggest residential development project so it’s important that we get the name right from the outset and start development on the right foot,” he said.

“While this 6,663-hectare area is west of the Caboolture region, I agree that we need a new name that foundation residents of this new community can embrace and define as their own.

“The ‘Caboolture West’ development area will cater for roughly 26,900 new homes and 68,700 new residents over an even longer period, so we want the name to be something that stands the test of time.

“I want Council to engage existing and surrounding landowners, residents and other stakeholders for their feedback, so that this is a truly community-owned outcome.”

Council has a target to build 88,300 dwellings across the region by 2041 under the State Government’s South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017.

Cr Latter said he’d like the name to both reflect the region’s rich history and also set the tone for its identity moving forward.

“I have spent a lot of time talking with locals who grew up in Rocksberg, Upper Caboolture, Moorina and Bellmere which will be affected most by this development,” said Cr Latter.

“There are generations of Indigenous people connected to these lands dating back thousands of years, as well as families and farmers for hundreds of years, so it’s important that these groups have input throughout the process.”

“In doing this we will both protect the existing identity of the Caboolture area, while creating a new community with its own CBD and its own identity.”

Council CEO Greg Chemello will report back to Council by the end of March with a recommended approach to consulting on a new name for Caboolture West and officially declaring the new title.


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