28 March, 2024

Caravan parks at risk

The Caravan Parks Association of Queensland (CPAQ) expressed disappointment with the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Amendment Bill 2024, fearing its impact on future development and sector viability.

Caravan parks at risk - feature photo

CEO of CPAQ Michelle Weston emphasised concerns over limiting park owners’ reinvestment abilities, potentially resulting in fewer upgrades and facilities for homeowners.

Proposed changes, particularly limitations on rent increases and removal of market rent reviews, ignore rising operational costs, including council fees and insurance.

Ms Weston noted the modest growth in manufactured home site rents compared to other property rentals, urging reconsideration of the amendments.

The buy-back scheme could further threaten park financial viability.

CPAQ called for a review, stressing the disproportionate impact on smaller parks, often in regional areas serving older Queenslanders.

In manufactured home parks, residents own their homes but rent the land, with modern parks targeting over 50s, though some also cater to tourists.


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