26 May, 2021

Change of country and career for fitness devotee

Samantha Adams hails from the US state of Ohio but now calls Woodford home. Having moved to Australia 12 years ago and then resided in North Lakes until earlier this year, Samantha (better known as Sam) has found her niche as a personal trainer in the past six years.

Woodford-based Samantha Adams is keen to help people with health and fitness, and achieving their goals.
Woodford-based Samantha Adams is keen to help people with health and fitness, and achieving their goals.

Having become a personal trainer at the age of 31, she has not looked back.

“It’s never too late to start again,” Sam said.

“I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.”

It has certainly been far removed from her former life which involved a mix of work in retail, bartending, and restaurants. As for what prompted Sam to become a personal trainer, she said: “Nothing really sparked my interest like that physical sort of job.”

Sam met her husband Pat, who hails from the NSW city of Newcastle, when he spent time in the United States after earning a swimming scholarship. The couple bit the bullet and moved Down Under after the global financial crisis (GFC) took its toll in Sam’s homeland.

As for living in Australia, Sam said: “I fell in love with it. It’s home.” Sam gave birth to a son, now 11 years old, before having a daughter, now 9.

Although she liked to keep fit, Sam had some back problems and felt that she needed to “get back on track” since becoming a mother.

“When I started (as a personal trainer), I wanted to be a positive role model for my kids,” she said.

Sam began teaching pilates, and also moved into CrossFit and weightlifting, as well as gaining certification in these areas.

“I want to absorb all the knowledge there is,” Sam said.

Sam took up a position at North Lakes Health and Fitness a few years ago and still works there twice a week, but she chose to move to Woodford as she and her husband sought a larger property than their former North Lakes residence. With a gym type of setting in the backyard shed of their Woodford property, Sam said she often had clients who hadn’t been to a gym.

“A lot of people need extra motivation that you don’t get in a gym atmosphere,” Sam said. Having worked with people from all walks of life, ages, abilities and goals, Sam said she was keen to bring her love and passion of health and fitness to everyone.

“I love it when people who think they can’t achieve something, go out and achieve it,” she said.

“It makes me feel like I’ve achieved, seeing them smash their goals.

“Some people might be confused when they come to me, but then one day it all clicks.”

Sam said that with each client there was a multifaceted approach, as she took an interest in aspects such as diet, sleeping, hydration and stress.

“I like to make sure they’re doing well in their home life,” she said.

As for how to motivate people, Sam indicated a preference for the drill instructor approach which could leave the person gasping.

“Some people think if they’re not working up a sweat, they haven’t done a good enough workout,” she said.

Sam nonetheless readily acknowledged that some people responded better to a softer approach, and that it was “not a one size fits all”.

With many Australians having ongoing problems with being overweight and not exercising enough, Sam considered the most important thing with fitness and exercising was to take the first step.

“You’ve just got to be brave enough to take that first step,” she said. Sam stressed that a one-hour workout was only a small proportion of each day.

“If there’s a will, there’s a way,” she said.

“If you can watch Netflix for an hour and not think anything of it, you can spend an hour working out.

“It’s all about priorities.”

The impact of COVID-19 prompted Sam to have zoom sessions and online workouts last year, amid lockdowns and social distancing issues.

“It’s not easy to do it online when you’re a hands-on type of person,” she said. Anyone interested in having Sam as a personal trainer can visit the Woodford Personal Training facebook page. 


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