2 May, 2021

Charbray cows and calves $3,020 at Laidley

Stacey Garrett and Aaron Erbacher, Adare, sold pens of cows and calves, with Charbrays making $3,020 and Droughtmasters $2,800 at the fortnightly Stariha Auctions Laidley cattle sale on Thursday (29 April, 2021). A good quality yarding of 506 head sold to exceptional prices, with several new buyers in operation.

Cooper Pastoral, Mt Mort, sold lines of Charbray weaners, with steers making $1,600, $1,560 and $1,490; and heifers $1,365.

Ken Klein, Cedarton, sold a pen of Murray Grey cows and calves for $2,800.

Jennifer Barkhuizen,Iredale, sold the top price cow, with an Angus cow making $1,815.

David Molkentien, Lowood, sold 20-22 month old Charolais steers for $2,130 and Brahman heifers for $1,705. Pat Ryan, Junction View, sold Droughtmaster and Charbray feeder steers for $2,240, $2,190, $2,035 and $1,960.

Leslie Fedrick, Woodlands, sold the top priced Brahman cross steer for $2,375.

Brannigan Family, Sandy Creek, sold South Devon steers for $1,695.

Ron Monro, Mt Tarampa, sold Droughtmaster feeder steers for $2,060.

LC Livestock, Lowood, sold a pen of Droughtmaster feeder steers for $2,000.

Glenn Armstrong, Rosewood, sold Santa and Senepol steers for $1,840, $1,795 and $1,550.

Glentate Pty Ltd, Lowood, sold Santa Hereford cross yearlings, with steers making $1,615 and heifers $1,490.

Paul Bonnett, Marburg, sold Charbray steers for $1,670, $1,655, $1,590 and $1,560.

Pat Speedy, Clumber, sold Brangus steers for $1,570 and heifers for $1,430.

Terry and Cheryl Ward,Postmans Ridge, sold Charbray steers for $1,600.

Neil Natalier, Upper Tenthill, sold Charolais cross weaner steers for $1,690 and $1,330.

Greg Beard, Vernor, sold 8 month old Charolais cross steers for $1,520.

Jim O’Keeffe, Ingoldsby, sold Charolais cross calves, 4-5 months, with steers making $1,290 and $1,160; and heifers $1,020.

Ian Lindenmayer, Mt Sylvia, sold Charolais and Angus weaners, 7-8 months, with steers making $1,460, $1,420 and $1,380; and heifers $1,280 and $1,130.

Bernie Baker, Ravensbourne, sold 4-5 month old Charolais calves, with males making $1,180 and heifers $1,030.

John and Dan Curtin,Mt Whitestone, sold pens of Charbray weaner heifers, 8 months, for $1,480 and $1,340.

Jason Munt and Sandra Whyte, Murphys Creek, sold Santa cows and calves for $2,500.

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