8 May, 2024

Cobb clan inspects history

More than 40 descendants of William and Bella Cobb visited the Woodford Museum and Art Gallery, following Woodford’s ANZAC Day ceremony in Memorial Park.

The Cobb clan at Woodford Memorial Park.
The Cobb clan at Woodford Memorial Park.

This group took the chance to view the Woodford Historical Society’s display which honours the Cobb family’s many years of military and community service.

After William and Bella Cobb and the eldest two of their eight children – Albert and Iris – came to Woodford in 1920, William set up a saddlery in a small shop in the main street.

William also worked tirelessly for the newly-formed Woodford sub-branch of the Returned Sailors and Soldiers Imperial of League of Australia (now known as the RSL).

When the Woodford Light Horse Unit was formed, William joined the 2nd Light Horse Regiment in September 1925, and was made commander of the Woodford Troop.

He was promoted to Lieutenant in March 1926, and then to captain in January 1928.

Having been educated at Woodford State School, five Cobb children went on to serve in World War II: Albert in the Australian Army; Alfred, Wilfred and Ted in the Royal Australian Navy; and Delia Jean in the Royal Australian Air Force.

The family tradition continued with Colin Cobb, Keeh Bradfield and Denise Cobb also serving in more recent times.

They all returned home except for Albert, who was killed in action in Papua on December 19, 1942.


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