22 April, 2022

Community feedback period extended for Mount Glen Rock proposal

PUBLIC feedback on a draft proposal by Somerset Regional Council for the development of Mount Glen Rock at Esk has been extended until Friday, 29 April.

Community feedback on the Mount Glen Rock proposal is now open until Friday, April 29.
Community feedback on the Mount Glen Rock proposal is now open until Friday, April 29.

The extension to the Have Your Say survey is on the back of a public information session about the project which was held on Wednesday, 13 April at Esk. 

Somerset’s Chief Executive Officer Andrew Johnson acknowledged that there were mixed emotions among the 200 strong crowd who attended. 

“I know many who attended the information evening were disappointed that they weren’t able to ask questions on the night and some confusion about the proposed mountain development has ensued,” Mr Johnson said.

“This project is very much in its infancy. While a draft master plan for the long-term development of Mount Glen Rock has been developed, it’s not locked in concrete and we want, and encourage, the community to have their say so we can review and integrate feedback, wherever possible.” 

Mr Johnson said about 500 questions were submitted ahead of the information session. 

“What we did was collate the most popular questions or themes and we responded to these on the evening and provided a FAQ document in the hope of responding to these questions as best as we could at this time, noting the project is not set in stone and the master plan is very much a draft, a starting point if you wish. 

“It’s also important to note that council has received in excess of 50 letters in support of developing Mount Glen Rock.” 

Mayor Graeme Lehmann said all feedback from the community was important and was “not being swept under the carpet”. 

“This proposal is a huge development for our region but we’re a long way from developing the 127 hectares of land Council purchased in 2020,” Cr Lehmann said. 

“I would like to thank everyone who took the time to attend last Wednesday’s meeting and for their interest in this project. 

“I also acknowledge that not everyone is in support of this project but I want to reassure the community that anything we do with this mountain will be well-thought out and considered. 

 “What we do know for certain is this mountain is a value-add to our existing tourism offerings in the region. There are clear economic benefits for regional communities through the development of low impact walking and mountain bike trails and how we get there is still being worked through. 

“We want to boost the economic benefit to the region by attracting people who appreciate the natural beauty and cultural significance of this mountain.” 

“I want to reassure the community that council wants your ideas and feedback so together we can develop a masterplan to achieve an outcome that we can all be proud of.” 

The community have until Friday, 29 April to have their say on the draft master plan for Mount Glen Rock. 

The draft plan features facilities for hikers, mountain bike riders, rock climbers and nature enthusiasts. 

Cr Lehmann said council will continue the dialogue with the community regarding project progression and welcomes ongoing feedback. 

To review the draft master plan, read the FAQs, and have your say click here.


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