10 May, 2024

Community group helps with end-of-life decisions

Many Australians are unprepared for their passing, leaving their families to navigate complex decisions they are often not equipped to handle. A number of wills in Australia end up being contested, which can lead to generational family rifts. Factors such as family dynamics, blended family structures, and evolving societal values significantly influence decisions regarding asset distribution. Wills serve not just as legal documents but as crucial tools for family planning.

Community group helps with end-of-life decisions - feature photo

TULE (Tying up Loose Ends) is a community group committed to supporting individuals in making effective end-of-life decisions.

Deborah Moseley, a seasoned professional in conflict resolution, has been active in the community for many years.

She is now focused on guiding us through the challenging conversations required when we confront significant changes in our abilities and ultimately face our mortality.

Now is the time for open, heartfelt communication that strengthens and enriches all our relationships.

Come and get involved in how an awkward conversation might play out.

When: May 19, 2pm-4pm.

Where: Maleny Playhouse at the Showground, Maleny.

Cost: $10 which includes afternoon tea.

Tickets on line or at the door.

For more information, call Fleur at 0409 470 822.


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