28 July, 2021

Conflicting speed signs create confusion

CONFUSION has reigned over the speed limits imposed in Kilcoy, following the recent installation of prominent speed signs at the two main entrance points to the town.

Conflicting speed signs create confusion - feature photo

Prominent speed signs depicting 50km/h have been erected from the eastern approach – when entering Kilcoy from Woodford – whereas prominent signs depicting 60km/h have been erected from the western approach near the Kilcoy Showgrounds.

The signs with the conflicting speed limits have “Kilcoy” written beneath the speed limit, which could be interpreted as suggesting that the speed limit is applicable throughout the town.

A short distance after the placement of the 60km/h signs, the speed drops to 40km/h between 7am and 4pm on school days, and then changes to 50km/h at the end of the school zone to advise of the lower speed limit through the township.

Contacted by the Sentinel News to clarify the situation, a spokesperson from the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) said that when speed limits were set, factors included road function, roadside environment, road construction standards, prevailing traffic speeds and crash history.

“The speed limit at the eastern approach to Kilcoy, just before the Kilcoy Creek Bridge, was reduced from 60km/h to 50km/h to improve safety as motorists approach the built-up environment in town,” the spokesperson said.

“The speed limit from the western approach, near the Kilcoy Showgrounds, remains 60km/h as this is a less-built up area further from the town, meaning a 50km/h speed limit would not be appropriate.

“The speed limit reduces to 50km/h further down the road, closer to the main town centre.”

Previously, the TMR referred to the completion of the rehabilitation and intersection modifications on the D’Aguilar Highway – locally known as Mary Street and William Street – through Kilcoy.

“We contracted Somerset Regional Council (SRC) to carry out the rehabilitation works through Kilcoy,” the TMR spokesperson said.

“We also modified the intersections at either end of Mary Street to reprioritise traffic flow and reduce rat-running on residential streets.

“To further improve safety, SRC requested we drop the original 60km/h speed limit through town to 50km/h.

“To supplement the new 50km/h speed limit, we installed the treatments on all the approaches to Kilcoy.”


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