3 May, 2024

Construction to begin on Waraba’s essential infrastructure

Unitywater will start construction next month of the new wastewater network, which will provide essential services to over half of the 70,000 people set to call the new city of Waraba (formerly Caboolture West) home over the next 40 years.

Caboolture West wastewater network.
Caboolture West wastewater network.

The first stage of this network will see water and wastewater infrastructure delivered in partnership between Unitywater and six private development companies before late 2025.

Unitywater Executive Manager Mike Basterfield said the utility’s component of this work is part of their $1.8 billion investment, over the next five years, in water and wastewater infrastructure to shape healthy and thriving communities.

“Positioned under the ground, water and wastewater networks aren’t often front of mind, but they are essential to protecting public health, enabling economic growth and ensuring environmental sustainability,” Mr Basterfield said.

“By working together with land developers and government to connect Waraba to our existing networks, we can sequence construction of these underpinning essentials for maximum efficiency, allowing the more visible aspects of a new land development to then begin taking shape.

“We’re pleased to have been able to engage a local delivery partner, creating more than 70 new jobs during construction.”

This first stage of wastewater network construction will see delivery of a new wastewater pumping station.

‘NDP1’ as the first approved stage of development in Waraba will deliver 2,500 homes.

Last month, construction commenced on the first of the new housing developments in NDP1, ‘Lilywood Landings’ by Lennium Group.

The connecting wastewater infrastructure unlocks the delivery of not only these homes in NDP1, but also underpins the ultimate network that will service approximately 30,000 homes in the wider Waraba area.

More information about Unitywater’s Waraba wastewater project is available at caboolture-westwastewater-network.


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