17 June, 2021

Cows $318.2c/kg at Moreton

Agents Boyd, O'Brien and Bartholomew reported a reduced yarding of 265 head at their weekly liveweight cattle sale on Tuesday (15 June, 2021).

Heavy feeder steers sold to a dearer market whilst trade feeders remained in short supply, those on hand sold firm on last weeks strong market. Cows were dearer this week with strong competition for both store and fat cows. Grain trade sold very well.

Vealer Heifers: Tony Klan (Shorthorn X) 445.2c $879.

Vealer Steers: Paul Stenzel (Charbray X) 501.2c $877.

Backgrounder Steers: Dean Veivers (Charbray X) 509.2c $1158.

Trade Feeder Steers: B and G Bidgood (Santa X) 431.2c $1,714.

Heavy Feeder Steers: Maleny Black Angus 457.2c $2,176.

Four Tooth Feeder Steers: Maleny Black Angus 456.2c $2,132.

Four Tooth Jap Heifers: Barraclought P/ship (Droughtmaster) 359.2c $1,796.

Six Tooth Jap Heifers: G Gray (Murray Grey) 355.2c $1,758.

Heavy Cows: D Marshall (Droughtmaster) 313.2c $2,171.

Pen Of Heavy Cows: D Gregor (Santa) 318.2c $1,843.

Jersey Cows and Calves: C Georgiou $1,380/head.

Heavy Bulls: E Duncombe (Charolais X) 308.2c $2,496.


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