9 March, 2022

Crime rise worries residents

KILCOY residents are urged to be alert and to report suspicious activity to the police, following multiple reports of break-and-enters and other stolen items in the Kilcoy area in recent weeks.

Crime rise worries residents - feature photo

A post on a Kilcoy social media page revealed items were stolen from places including a property in Saleyard Road, a home at Gregors Creek, and a garage in Pratt Street.

A vehicle was reported stolen from the D’Aguilar Highway near the corner of Villeneuve Road, Royston, having been towed there after it broke down during the rain event.

On Monday afternoon this week, there was also a report of a car being stolen in Mary Street, Kilcoy.

Local couple Jeanette and David Bell shared their story with the Sentinel News, after they were unnerved to discover thieves went through their garage.

“The thieves locked the adjacent door to our patio to stall entry, so we had to walk around to the big doors to enter,” Jeanette said.

“They turned on all lights, opened all doors and threw all our belongings throughout the car.

“David thought I’d locked the door, and called out to me, but must have made them run off.”

Jeanette said two pairs of sunglasses were taken, as well as a small chainsaw from the garage.

“They had opened all doors, cupboards and filing cabinets and drawers looking for valuables,” she said.

“Thankfully we did not keep much in our car, and we think we disturbed them.

“They ‘cased’ out our next door neighbours and kicked her dog, breaking ribs and had huge bruising causing $600 in vet fees.

“A lady opposite the pool has had a car stolen also.

“I believe Sunday morning 3am there was a commotion on the eastern side of Hope Street. We have now secured the other garage doors properly.”

Jeanette urged everybody to be aware and to lock up, and to call 000 or Policelink to report a crime.

“Ours was not an emergency, however ringing 000 they put us through to a lady who assisted us with the paperwork and the next day forensic police investigated,” she said.

“They stated all these incidents need to be reported to help with leads in solving the cases.

“Thanks for all the community support around this issue, it is uplifting after an intrusion on our privacy.”

Having been approached by the Sentinel News to comment about the issues, Acting Sergeant James Leahy from Kilcoy Police said there had been a number of offences reported in recent weeks.

“They are under investigation, and will remain under investigation until we locate the offenders,” he said.

“Some information has been brought forward by the public.

“We will filter through that as required, and anything added to that will be added to the investigation.”

Acting Sgt Leahy said it was “out of character for a place like Kilcoy” to have issues like these, as a lot of people in Kilcoy knew each other.

Acting Sgt Leahy said every Queensland Police Service (QPS) resource that’s available was being utilised to deal with the reported crimes and apprehend the offenders.

Acting Sgt Leahy urged people to lock their homes and cars, and to keep their possessions safe.

“Lock it or lose it,” he said.

On one hand, Acting Sgt Leahy said “it’s a wonderful community”, but on the other hand he said dynamics had changed over time with people coming and going.

“It was different 20 years ago, and it will be different in 20 years’ time,” he said.

“I want everyone in town to feel safe.”

Acting Sgt Leahy advised people to report suspicious activity, strange vehicles, and anyone trespassing on their yard. He also suggested obtaining any details such as car registration or a description of the person, “without putting yourself in harm’s way”.

“Be alert but don’t be alarmed,” he said.

Policelink can be contacted at 131 444 for non-urgent matters, while urgent matters should be reported to 000.


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