14 March, 2024

Deadline looming for cattle competition

Anyone keen to exhibit in the Kilcoy Global Foods Carcass Competition in the Prime Cattle section of this year’s Kilcoy Show is urged to prepare soon, as the deadline is looming.

Deadline looming for cattle competition - feature photo

Entries need to be dropped off at the Kilcoy Showgrounds no later than Monday April 8, in readiness to be transported to the Proston-based Smithfield feedlot on April 9, on Smith’s Livestock Transport.

The cattle can be dropped at the showgrounds on the weekend of April 6-7 if that helps.

For the Kilcoy Global Foods Carcass Competition – previously known as the Kilcoy Pastoral Co Carcass Competition – cattle will as usual be fed at Smithfield feedlot for about 104 days.

In readiness for the Show on Friday July 26, cattle at Smithfield feedlot will be weighed and mouthed two days prior.

The weights on that day will be used to calculate the winners of the Weight Gain Competition, sponsored by Zoetis and Kilcoy Rural with prizemoney of $500.

The cattle will then be returned to the Kilcoy Showgrounds on the Thursday (July 25), to be entered into their classes.

Grass-fed cattle will also need to be delivered to the showgrounds by 3pm on the same day.

With the Kilcoy Show on July 26 and 27, the Prime Cattle judging starts at 7am on the first day.

The trophy presentation will take place at about noon, following the Young Judge’s competition.

The cattle auction sale will start at 1pm.

With the prime cattle schedule changing, interested exhibitors can request a copy of the new schedule.

Contact Tony Woodrow on 0429 005 589, or Glen Cameron on 0427 171 770.


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