21 January, 2024

Different water still safe to drink

Residents in parts of the Somerset region may have noticed a temporary change in the taste or odour of their tap water, however, SEQWater advises the water is safe to drink.

Different water still safe to drink - feature photo

The change in taste and odour is due to an increase in naturally occurring organic compounds known as MIB (Methylisoborneol) and Geosmin in the raw water supply to SEQwater’s Lowood Water Treatment Plant.

These naturally occurring compounds are due to increased algal levels in the raw water, which has bloomed due to recent weather conditions.

SEQWater said residents can be assured the treated water supplied from Lowood Water Treatment plant remains safe to drink and use as normal.

Though algae is filtered out through the water treatment process, it can leave behind these taste and odour compounds.


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