20 September, 2022

Don’t FUR-get: Renew your pet’s registration by September 30

Are you a dog or cat owner in Moreton Bay? Now’s the time to renew your pet’s registration before Friday September 30.

Pet registration in Moreton Bay Region is due Friday September 30.
Pet registration in Moreton Bay Region is due Friday September 30.

Moreton Bay Mayor Peter Flannery said annual pet registration was a small price to pay for the safety of the family pet and urged owners not to miss the renewal due date.

“Moreton Bay residents fiercely love their cats and dogs,” Cr Flannery said

“It’s no secret that our human population is growing and that means our pet population is too, so it’s more important than ever for us to keep track of our pets to keep them and our community safe.

“Not only is it a State Government and Council requirement, but it’s also an important part of being a responsible pet owner.

“If your dog or cat is registered and microchipped, then we have a much better chance of finding and reuniting them with you should they go missing.

“Registration fees also help Council to keep track of Moreton Bay’s cat and dogs so we can return your pet if you’re home or free of charge the first time your pet is impounded. 

“Fees also go towards responsible pet ownership information and programs, such as the ‘Pets in Public Spaces’ Education as well as the operations of our animal management facility.

“Council officers also investigate and resolve animal management complaints to keep the community and our pets safe, and we provide proactive public safety programs along our beaches, parkland areas and other public spaces.

“Registration is due by Friday September 30 and owners of unregistered animals will be issued with infringement notices after that date.

“You may even get a visit from one of our Council officers but no one wants that visit, so please make sure to get your registration renewals done by the due date.

“And although it’s the last thing on your mind, please notify us when your beloved pet passes away so we don’t send you a renewal notice during your tough time. This applies for people who are moving house too.

“There are more than 85,000 dogs and cats forming  part of our families and the social fabric of Moreton Bay - keeping them and our community safe is hugely important.”

Current dog and cat owners have until Friday September 30 2022 to renew their pet’s registration and/or details. After this date, owners with unregistered animals may incur penalties including fines.

Council’s systematic inspection programs allow rangers to attend properties to ensure all cats and dogs in the region are registered.

Registration costs are subsidised for pets that are de-sexed pets and concessions are available for pension and veteran affairs.

Renew your pet’s registration online at, or by calling Council or visiting a Council customer service centre.



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