2 May, 2024

Earth Day unites Linville

Between 50 and 60 people gathered at the Linville Community Hall for an International Earth Day event on Sunday, April 21, with plenty of activities and food on offer.

Attendees listen to a talk from agricultural scientist Dr Sandra Tuszynska.
Attendees listen to a talk from agricultural scientist Dr Sandra Tuszynska.

Event organisers Friends of the Forest Inc. raised more than $500 for the purposes of wildlife care in the local area.

Despite rainy weather, those in attendance were keen to have a chat and to check out the native plant stall, pop-up op shop, preserves table and information displays.

Friends of the Forest Inc. president Carolita Fuentes said, “The main purpose of the event was to raise awareness of what we can do in our own backyards in regards to helping restore soil health, which is the basis for the health of all life forms, including us.

“It’s important to understand the connection between healthy soil and regenerative food production, drought and flood mitigation, ecosystem and biodiversity restoration, and climate balance.”

More than half of the attendees stayed to listen to a talk from Dr Sandra Tuszynska, an agricultural scientist who specialises in soil microbiology and ecology.

“We learned that soil holds the majority of Earth’s biodiversity, drives nutrient and water cycles, feeds plants, us and all other life forms and also sequesters carbon amongst other vital roles,” Ms Fuentes said.

Ms Fuentes also said “it was marvellous to see pictures of the unseen world beneath our feet”.

“We achieved all our goals in providing an opportunity for people to connect, meet other like-minded folk, enjoy a delicious, healthy and reasonably priced lunch and learn from an expert in their field,” she said.

“Based on the response and attendance, we would be happy to make it an annual event.”


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