23 November, 2021

End of year wind-up for army cadets

THE Kilcoy-based 101 Army Cadet Unit (ACU) concluded its second full year with a Passing Out Parade at Hopetoun Sports Fields on Sunday, November 7.

The Kilcoy-based 101 Army Cadet Unit had a Passing Out Parade to wrap up this year’s proceedings.
The Kilcoy-based 101 Army Cadet Unit had a Passing Out Parade to wrap up this year’s proceedings.

Reviewing officer Major (AAC) Trevor Schultz was in attendance as Cadet Sergeant Sasha Morris led a group of 20 cadets through a ceremonial parade, before awards were presented.

“One of the hardest things to do is march on grass without drums,” Mr Schultz said.

The Officer Commanding of 101 ACU Kilcoy, Andrew Cummings, said the unit was formed after the Australian Army Cadets looked for regions where there wasn’t an army cadet unit.

Captain (AAC) Cummings said a key part of forming the unit was having enough staff in the region.

Recruiting took place in 2019 before parading began in early 2020, only for Covid to interrupt the progress of the unit.

“This meant that the cadets were unable to attend any bivouac in the field during 2020, but have made up for that with five weekend field activities this year,” Captain (AAC) Cummings said.

“This has helped with developing teamwork, unit cohesion and esprit de corps.”

Cadets aged from 13 to 17 years have come from towns including Kilcoy, Woodford, Toogoolawah and Peachester to take part in the sessions from 6.30pm to 9.30pm each Friday during school terms.

Captain (AAC) Cummings said activities were “military-like” regarding field craft, drills, survival and first aid, as well as leadership development, youth development and empowering the cadets.

“It’s a youth development organisation,” he said.

Captain (AAC) Cummings said the cadets not only made new friends in the process, but also formed lifelong bonds amid the cohesion and comradeship.

Something else that could be developed from being in the army cadet unit was being able to cope when outside one’s comfort zone, Captain (AAC) Cummings said.

“It can give you a sense of self worth (which) you can put forward to an employer,” he said.

Although Army Cadets is not a recruiting program, Captain (AAC) Cummings said if young people were interested in exploring a career in the Defence Force, the Army Cadet Unit provided a taste of whether it’s for them.

Anyone interested in further information can visit the 101 Army Cadet Unit – Kilcoy facebook page.


Most improved recruit: Cadet Chantelle O’Brien.

Best cadet: Cadet Thomas Griffin.

Most efficient non-commissioned officer: Corporal Ben Stibbe.

Best senior cadet: Sergeant Tahryn Anderson.

Best platoon: 2 Platoon commanded by Sergeant Zack Bruce.


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