15 May, 2024

Enough mucking about

The Woodford Hotel staff have expressed their frustrations towards irresponsible horse riders who constantly leave a trail of manure in front of the venue, forcing hotel staff to clean the mess.

Woodford Hotel staff member does stablehand job, cleaning hotel entrance.
Woodford Hotel staff member does stablehand job, cleaning hotel entrance.

Hotel Duty Manager, Susi, said the staff are getting annoyed with the constant greeting gift s, which cover the hotel’s front entrance, drive-through and even wheelchair access.

“We’re not angry, but we just don’t think we should have to be cleaning up after others,” she said.

“We love seeing the horses and the riders in town and we do live in a country town, so we’re very used to it (the poo and smell).

“We just want people to pick their mess up, the same way you would expect dog owners to pick up after their pets.”

Susi has said the hotel staff will now be leaving a bucket and spade out the front, saying “it doesn’t take long to clean”.

For the hotel, it’s crucial to have the poo removed as soon as possible, as it seeps into the rock and can stain it, requiring staff to use soapy water to scrub it off .

Jasmine Brown, the staff member who made the issue public on Facebook, has also said horse riders just need to inform hotel staff, who will happily provide any necessary equipment, including gloves.

“We aren’t stablehands and should not have to constantly clean up,” she said.

“We’ve had enough.” According to Susi, various businesses in town have also been dealing with the same issue, especially on weekends.

Division 12 Councillor, Tony Latter, has said local laws state horse riders (or whoever is in control of the horse) are obligated to “immediately remove and dispose of the faeces in a sanitary manner”.

“The prescribed public places are town centres and formed footpaths and the penalty is $310,” he said.

“To date no complaint has been received this year but if it continues, we can go down that path if needed, to make sure that it is addressed.”

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