25 August, 2022

Enough of the rubbish, Woodford resident says

MORETON Bay Regional Council (MBRC) is calling for the removal of public waste bins from a certain Woodford location, as a local resident says he is sick and tired of the bins overflowing.

Enough of the rubbish, Woodford resident says - feature photo

A long-term resident of Archer Street, Danny Hammill said he had contacted the Council numerous times in the past 12 years, to try to resolve the issue of overflowing bins at the corner of Archer Street and Webb Lane.

“The view from my window is regularly a total mess,” Mr Hammill said.

“The bins used to be emptied every day, and now they’re emptied on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

“The bins are usually full only a few hours after they’re emptied, and when they’re full, people just throw their rubbish on the ground.

“The Woodford tip would be cleaner than the corner of Webb Lane and Archer Street.”

When the bins overflowed, Mr Hammill said the problem worsened when conditions were windy, and that crows often pecked at the rubbish.

Mr Hammill said he felt “nobody seems to want to do anything about it” as the problem had been going on for years.

Following his most recent call to the MBRC, however, there was a reply from councillor Tony Latter and the Mayor, Peter Flannery.

Cr Latter said he’d met with locals about the issue and wanted it rectified.

“This has been a problem for some time and the bottom line is some people are just being lazy,” he said.

“The Woodford Waste Transfer station is just four minutes around the corner from this location, but instead some people are overloading these bins and that’s illegal dumping as far as I’m concerned.

“So I’m going to be asking for these bins to be removed, remove this eyesore for people who live in the area.

“If illegal dumping is an issue in your neighbourhood please let us know because you are our best eyes and ears for monitoring and ending this kind of activity.”

Cr Latter advised people to download the MBRC Request app and send pictures of any problems straight through to the MBRC crews to be actioned.

With the bins being serviced three days each week, Cr Flannery said, “That should be a sufficient level of service, so clearly something’s going wrong here and I support Cr Latter’s calls for the bins to be removed.

“I understand the bins were placed there to give travellers and caravaners a location on the northern outskirts of town to take excess waste from their vehicles.

“But the residents here are our number one priority, and we don’t want this becoming a problem for them.”


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