7 June, 2024

Esk prepares for Garden Fair

Valley of the Lakes Garden Club president Kerri Melville and vice-president Lisa Davis have their fingers crossed for a perfect winter’s day for the Esk Garden Fair on June 15.

President Kerri Melville and vice-president Lisa Davis.
President Kerri Melville and vice-president Lisa Davis.

“Every year more and more people discover our event,” Kerri and Lisa said. When asked what she thinks keeps attracting bigger crowds each year, Kerri said “some of it is the amazingly good selection of 100 stallholders we have and the opportunity to visit the other events that are on as well.”

The Fair has become a destination event with many visitors driving a few hours to attend. Most spend the entire day in Esk.

“The event has become a highlight on Somerset’s events calendar,” Lisa said.

“It’s definitely the new ultimate destination for gardening enthusiasts, that’s for sure.

“But I also think it is the relaxed country atmosphere of Esk and the enthusiasm and hospitality of our volunteers and the Esk community.”

Many people dress up or wear a flower covered hat just to bring that extra joy to the day.

“There is just a great sense of community pride across the weekend from the entire town of Esk... it makes us feel honoured to live here,” Lisa said.

Visitors are treated to beautiful weather, thousands of plants, amazing garden art, fabulous displays, talks and demonstrations that all combine to make a day of green-thumbed adventure and family-friendly fun.

Gates will open at 8am. Entry is $5, while under 16s are admitted for free.

Cash at gates or check out the Esk Garden Fair website for information and tickets.


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