12 December, 2023

Express to North Pole

Nineteen children and two teachers from C&K Kilcoy Community Kindergarten had plenty of fun as they had an hour-long excursion at the Kilcoy Post Office on Tuesday, November 28.

Express to North Pole - feature photo

The children posted their letters to Santa, and they also learned the importance of addresses and stamps as many of the youngsters had never posted a letter before.

The children listened to the daily procedures for getting the mail out, while also learning about mail sorting and the parcels for delivery.

A number of questions were asked about the processes, and the staff were only too happy to provide additional information and explanations.

One of the highlights of the excursion was ‘Penelope’, the mascot-like Express Mail Box courtesy of regional manager Narelle Rawlins.

‘Penelope’ was a big hit with the children, as they were keen to interact with the ‘Express Mail Box’.

The kindergarten’s teacher/director Jenny Hubble arranged the excursion after being in touch with the Kilcoy Post Office, as she sensed a chance for the youngsters to learn while having an enjoyable outing.

Kilcoy Post Office staff member Cath Worgan said the children were very attentive and well-behaved, and that they received some Christmas treats and a popper to take home.

Jenny said the children were “really keen to write letters to Santa which was a wonderful learning opportunity for our young literacy learners”.

“The excursion to the post off ice was a great way to learn about our postal service,” she said.

“The team at Kilcoy Post Office were so welcoming and gave the children a tour of the post office.

“The children could see where the letters were sorted for both town people and the outer communities and were very excited by all the parcels for Christmas season.

“It was so kind of the staff to organise Miss Penelope and some books they gifted to the kindy, as well as treats for each child.

“What a great experience for these children in their local community!”


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