23 February, 2024

Fake email referred to authorities

The contents of a fake email claiming to be from Somerset Regional Council, which attacked the credibility of a sitting councillor, have been referred to the Office of the Independent Assessor.

Fake email referred to authorities - feature photo

The email, using council branding, alleged inappropriate conduct of councillor Kylee Isidro.

“This email was not written or circulated by Council,” a Council statement read.

Despite this, Council stated that “to the extent that the allegations in that email are about the inappropriate conduct of a councillor, Council’s CEO has referred those allegations (as he is obliged to do by section 150P of the Local Government Act) to the Off ice of the Independent Assessor.”

Cr Isidro responded to the fake email, saying this was the latest attack across months of cowardly abuse and anonymous victimisation.

“Over the course of almost six months I have been subjected to victimisation by anonymous sources,” she stated in response.

“While I understand that anonymous sources can sometimes serve an important role… it is equally important to consider the potential harm they can cause when used irresponsibly or maliciously.

“I will not be deterred by baseless attacks or attempts to undermine my credibility.”

Cr Isidro urged people to look beyond rumours and innuendo, adding she remained committed to serving the community.

“I encourage you, as residents, to remain vigilant and critical thinkers when faced with anonymous sources or rumours,” she wrote.

“Anonymous sources can spread misinformation, sow discord, and damage reputations without any accountability.

It is disheartening to witness the negative impact this can have on the democratic process and the well-being of our community.

“Your trust and confidence in me as a candidate for the local government elections in Somerset means the world to me. Together, we can rise above anonymous bullying and focus on building a stronger, united, and prosperous community.”

Council said it would not comment further.


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