25 November, 2023

Farmers urged to make work safe

Farmers are being urged to ensure their farms are a safe work environment and they are taking proactive steps to minimise hazards in the workplace, as the country celebrated National Agriculture Day last Friday.

Farmers urged to make work safe - feature photo

National Agriculture Day is held annually on the third Friday of November and is a chance to celebrate and learn about the essential work which people in the agricultural industry carry out every day.

Farmers and workers in agricultural workplaces continue to be seriously injured and killed at higher rates than other industry sectors, with farming accounting for one in five worker deaths across the state.

This year, the focus of safety has been set on seasonal workplaces, in particular itinerant worker safety, safety around moving plant, falls from heights and psychological safety.

Tractors, quad bikes, side-by-side vehicles and machinery are responsible for the majority of farm related fatalities, while augers and harvesting machinery are also a major cause of harm and injury.

There have been two recent incidents in the agriculture industry involving young workers who suffered serious injuries after becoming entangled in unguarded augers.

This month, safety inspectors are conducting proactive visits to oyster farms, wineries and grain harvesting to check compliance and provide safety advice.


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