23 August, 2021

Feeder steers $2,300 at Laidley

A quality yarding of 767 head were sold at Stariha Auctions Laidley cattle sale on Thursday, 19 August, 2021. Prices continue to climb, with all descriptions of cattle selling to excellent rates. Cows sold to a dearer market, as did feeders and weaners. A full panel of buyers were in operation, ensuring terrific results for vendors.

Feeder steers $2,300 at Laidley - feature photo

Maurice Harrington, Helidon, sold a Santa bull for $2,920; feeder steers for $2,300 and cows for $2,210.

Curra Partnership, Rosewood, sold Brahman cross cows for $2,400.

Ron Gehrke, Summerholme, sold a young Droughtmaster bull for $2,700 and lines of Brahman cows and calves for $2,600, $2,400 and $2,200.

Donna and John Jackwitz, Buaraba, sold Simmental cows for $2,380; milk tooth steers for $2,140 and a line of Brangus heifers for $1,680.

Rod Doyle, Mt Whitestone, sold Droughtmaster cows for $2,400 and milk tooth steers for $2,170.

Julie Watson, Toogoolawah, sold cows and calves for $2,400 and Braford cows for $1,680.

Darren Greisbach, Walloon, sold Charbray cows and calves for $2,660; a pen of cows for $2,110; steers for $2,130 and heifers for $1,790.

Gatton Earthmoving, Ingoldsby, sold quality 8-10 month old weaners, with lines of steers making $1,805, $1,590 and $1560; and heifers $1,400 and $1,340.

Collins Grazing, Anduramba, sold a line of Brahman cows for $1,750 and Charbray weaners, 6-8 months, with lines of steers making $1,520, $1,420, $1,380 and $1,300.

Shane and Neta Malone, Kobble Creek, sold cows and calves for $2,700 and store cows for $1,680.

Coopers Properties, Willowbank, sold Charolais steers for $2,000 and heifers for $1,595, $1,450 and $1,400.

Dion McAllister, Toogoolawah, sold Brangus heifers for $1,890 and $1,580; and cows for $2,000.

Alroy Neuendorf, Tarampa, sold Santa steers for $2,600.

Mat Barnes, Anduramba, sold lines of 7-10 month old Brangus steers for $1,600, $1,570 and $1,465.

Tim Dow, Iredale, sold a line of milk tooth Droughtmaster steers for $2,050.

Scott Malone, Summerholme, sold Droughtmaster feeder steers for $2,340.

Dan Richards, Kilcoy, sold light feeder steers for $1,825.

Shane Engel, Blenheim, sold light feeder steers for $1,710.

Reviresco Group, Sheep Station Creek, sold lines of yearling steers for $1,710 and $1,690.

Trevor Manteufel, Laidley, sold 15-16 month old Droughtmaster steers for $1,930.

Cooper Pastoral Trust, Braemere, sold Charbray males for $1,880.

Robert Redinger, My Sylvia, sold 8 month old Droughtmaster weaners, with steers making $1,570 and heifers $1,470 and $1,440.

Steve Clark, Stockyard, sold Limousin cows and calves for $2,740 and steers for $1,690.

Cooper Pastoral, Mt Beppo, sold weaner steers for $1,595.

Black Ink Ridge, Lockyer, sold 6-8 month old Angus steer calves for $1,590.

Bill Jones, Withcott, sold 10-12 month old Murray Grey steers for $1,660.

Kevin McKenzie, Laceys Creek, sold lines of Charolais and Droughtmaster weaner steers for $1,570 and $1,400.

Scot Wright, Ingoldsby, sold a line of 6-8 month old Angus steers for $1,505.

Gary Stark, Forest Hill, sold a pen of Greyman vealer male calves for $1,350.


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