5 June, 2022

Flu vax decision welcomed

THE decision to make the flu vaccine available to the entire community free of charge was welcomed last week by Dr Evan Jones, director at the Health Hub Morayfield.

The Flu vaccination is now free to all residents
The Flu vaccination is now free to all residents

An experienced General Practitioner, Dr Jones said the decision was a ‘sound’ one, and would help combat the spread of the disease this winter.

“Influenza is a respiratory illness easily spread, similar to Covid-19, and now that many of the previous restrictions are lifted, we need to protect ourselves from this renewed threat,” Dr Jones said.

“While there were already high-risk groups entitled to have a free vaccine, to make it free to the whole community is a good move that will save lives and take pressure off hospitals.”

Dr Jones said while the Health Hub has plenty of vaccines available, patients need to see either a doctor or pharmacist before receiving their vaccination.

“We have plenty of appointments available, we suggest people make a time to be seen in our Flu vaccination centre or see their own GP.”

With a fourth booster for Covid-19 now recommended, Dr Jones said it is possible to get the two vaccinations on the same day.

“There is no need to have them done on separate days, we just ask that people make separate appointments, because they are in two different clinics, but we can take care of both vaccinations in a single visit.”

Under the latest health advice, Dr Jones said the Covid-19 booster is available four months after the previous booster, or three months after a Covid-19 infection.

Covid-19 winter boosters are now available for people over the age of 16 who have chronic health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease or cancer.


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