25 August, 2022

Free anti-swooping tape for Brisbane Valley Rail Trail users

USERS of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail can again take advantage of free anti-swooping tape, provided by Somerset Regional Council at its explore and information centres in the region.

Free anti-swooping tape for Brisbane Valley Rail Trail users - feature photo

The centres at Esk, Fernvale and Toogoolawah are situated close to Australia’s longest recreational rail trail and are stocked with a bird deterrent tape.

Rail Trail users can use the tape to deter magpies and birds during magpie breeding season, occurring from now until October.

Somerset Economic Development and Tourism Committee representative Councillor Bob Whalley (pictured) said council was pleased to again offer users of the trail with the free tape.

“We’re happy to provide the holographic tape to BVRT users to assist with deterring magpies and other birds this season,” Cr Whalley said.

“Previous trials have indicated that swooping birds are deterred by the tape tied to cyclist helmets and may not swoop as close.

“Regardless, BVRT users must appreciate that during the breeding season, magpies will swoop, and they can be persistent.

“Somerset being in a rural area, there are many magpies in their natural environment, and a deterrent provides a practical solution.”

Residents and visitors to Somerset are encouraged to report aggressive magpies in any council open spaces to Somerset Regional Council on 5424 4000 or


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