7 May, 2024

Getting the jump on winter

The ladies from Esk’s Queensland Country Women’s Association (QCWA) branch have started their month long goal of decorating Esk’s trees in colourful, knitted jumpers, as a lead-up to the June Garden Fair.

Getting the jump on winter - feature photo

Crafts Manager Patti Jaenke said she got the idea for the project after hearing about it being done in Warwick.

“I had heard about it but never actually seen it, so I got the ladies to start knitting and see what we could make,” she said.

“It became very popular and now the town is just hopping.”

The project has been going for eight years now, with the ladies using it as a lead-up to the Esk Garden Lifestyle Fair, on June 15.

“We try to decorate around 14 trees in town, but it takes us weeks to do the knitting and then go out,” Patti said.

The ladies started the first batch of decorating on Thursday, May 2, hoping to get all the trees done in the next three weeks. Deputy Mayor Helen Brieschke welcomed the creative display.

“This has been happening for several years now and is such a lovely sight,” she said.

“It’s a colourful hand-crafted display that gets people talking in the community.”

Pamela (left) and Valerie (right) knitting the tree sweaters.
Pamela (left) and Valerie (right) knitting the tree sweaters.

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