1 February, 2023

Grace school captains reveal their aspirations

GRACE Lutheran College Caboolture School Captains Felicity Klinge and Lachlan Scudamore are less than one month into their first term of year 12, but are already inspiring their peers and setting goals.

Felicity Klinge and Lachlan Scudamore were nominated by their peers as the 2023 School Captains at Grace Lutheran College Caboolture.
Felicity Klinge and Lachlan Scudamore were nominated by their peers as the 2023 School Captains at Grace Lutheran College Caboolture.

The duo said their main responsibilities as school captains will include speaking at assemblies and events such as ANZAC Day, attending student meetings, organising events and activities and working with fellow captains and teachers. 

“But more than that, a major role in our leadership will be getting to know the other grades at school, and creating an environment that feels safe, not necessarily through large events, but maybe a lunchtime conversation, or a game of uno,” Felicity said. 

Lachlan said he would describe a good student leader as someone with integrity, self-awareness, courage, respect, empathy, vulnerability and gratitude.

“They should also have the ability to influence, build healthy relationships and good people management skills - a servant of the people,” he said. 

“They should be the type of leader that is welcoming to all and is extremely friendly making it easy for younger students to approach them and have a conversation with them.

“They also are not perfect so it’s okay to make mistakes and to learn from them.”

Felicity agreed that often people forget leaders are not perfect, describing a good leader as someone who is “vulnerable and real”. 

She said that her goal as captain this year is to give other students within the community the same great experiences she has been blessed with. 

“Throughout my years at Grace, I have been given the opportunities to step outside of my comfort zone, try new things, and most importantly made friendships, in both grades above me and below me, that have shaped the way that I am today.

“More than anything, I am so excited to have the opportunity to pay this forward and give the same experience to others, so that when people come into school, they cannot feel daunted by anyone else, but instead have a sense of belonging and union.”

With goals to become more adaptative to change, Lachlan said he hopes to build his confidence and emotional intelligence. 

“As a school captain I would like to achieve a strong community.

“I would like to achieve a safe haven for all of the students, while still working they have fun and enjoy their school life.

“I would like to achieve more students doing what they love and trying new things that may interest them.”



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