14 April, 2021

Hey kids, it’s Mud Pie time again for Kilcoy Show

COME ON KIDS... it’s time to get your hands dirty. Time to mix water with dirt to make some great mud pies for the 2021 Kilcoy Show Mud Pie Competition.

Hey kids, it’s Mud Pie time again for Kilcoy Show - feature photo

Put that mud into an interesting container, decorate and give it plenty of time to set prior to the judging on Friday 7th May.

This section of the show has been running since 2007 and is well supported by children of all ages.

As usual there will be several different categories you can enter, OR have your own original idea.

New categories may be made on the day depending on the number of entries.

Our record to date was 142 beautifully decorated mud pies... made with lots of love and imagination.

Please note this year the judging is done on the Friday, NOT the Saturday.

Pies can be delivered to the Gray/Hollworth Pavilion at the Kilcoy Showgrounds from Wednesday 5th May.

Pies MUST be well set...remember the deeper the container, the longer it will take to dry.

ALL pie entries must have the child's name and age.

All entries are free.

Ribbons and place cards for all entries. Junior and senior champions will receive a trophy.

Contact Denise Modistach at 0427 644 454 for further information.

Show schedules are around various local shops for you to take, and check out any other sections you may like to enter.

There are children’s categories in most sections of the show. Some of the mud pie categories are Best Dark Mud, Pie Best Baked, Best Red Mud Pie, Most Original, Best Decorated, Most Unusual baking dish, Great Kilcoy Cake, Special Events Cake, Flat Cake, All natural ingredients, Best Risen Cake, Butterfly Cakes, Tray of Six, Chicken Pie, Fairy Cakes, Sparkles & Sprinkles, Dream Cake, Largest Mud Pie, Smallest Mud Pie, Vegetable Pie, Beef Pie, Pork Pie etc...whatever you want to bake will be fine. Remember your name and age must be supplied.

Enjoy, have fun and happy baking. 


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