6 June, 2024

Hiking 27 days along the Brisbane River

Esteemed author Simon Cleary has released his latest book ‘Everything is Water’, recounting his 27-day hike along the Brisbane River.

Hiking 27 days along the Brisbane River - feature photo

In 2022, Simon set out to walk across Somerset and to Moreton Bay, following the Brisbane River.

Starting in Linville, Simon walked 344 kilometres to the Port of Brisbane.

During his adventure, he recounts the many people he met, things he’d seen and lessons he’d learnt, both from nature and from humanity.

This beautifully written book feels almost like reading a poem and a diary at the same time.

Mr Cleary’s talent for words, expresses all the thoughts and feelings he had during his journey, while making beautiful comparisons and metaphors to water, the subject at the core of the book.

The way Mr Cleary talks about the river that shaped his life in so many ways, he forces the reader to reflect on the power and impact waterways have on everything around it: environment, towns and communities.

Any resident with love and appreciation for the Somerset and Moreton Bay areas will appreciate going on this journey with Mr Cleary.

Any adventurer looking for their next escapade will feel inspired by the stories and experiences Mr Cleary had.

Any poets looking to lose themselves in the imagination of words will find peace in the descriptive and reflective writing, which intertwines with the diary-style telling of events.

The book has just been released this month, so make sure to grab a copy and get inspired by Mr Cleary’s four-week adventure exploring the riverbanks of the Brisbane River and the towns that border it.


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