18 December, 2023

Housing crisis in spotlight

In response to the national housing crisis gripping the region, the City of Moreton Bay is actively exploring innovative solutions and fostering collaborations with community organisations and various government levels.

Action plan aims to address growing homeless, affordability issues gripping region.
Action plan aims to address growing homeless, affordability issues gripping region.

Mayor Peter Flannery revealed the city’s Housing and Homelessness Action Plan (HHAP), a comprehensive strategy aimed at addressing the growing challenges of housing affordability and homelessness in Moreton Bay.

Over the past decade, homelessness in the City of Moreton Bay has surged by over 90 per cent, with a significant rise in individuals forced to sleep rough in public spaces.

Cr Flannery acknowledged the tough situation and emphasised the need for a balanced approach to maintain amenity while compassionately addressing homelessness.

The five-year plan outlined four key priorities:

  • Supports for people sleeping rough

  • Well-managed public spaces

  • Stronger partnerships

  • Diverse housing options

To combat these challenges, the city has committed $3.36 million to construct the Moreton Bay Housing and Homelessness Hub in Redcliffe, a vital initiative scheduled for ground-breaking in December and expected completion in mid-2024.

An additional $3 million from the State Government’s SEQ Community Stimulus Program will contribute to the project.

The City of Moreton Bay is also offering parcels of council land in Morayfield and Caboolture for potential activation as social, affordable, or crisis housing. Amendments to the Community Leasing Policy allow the lease of council-owned land for community housing.

The city has waived fees for developers building social and affordable housing, resulting in the completion of 18 new one-bedroom apartments in Redcliffe.

Cr Flannery emphasised the importance of collaboration across all government levels to effectively address the housing crisis.

The Housing and Homelessness Action Plan consolidates various initiatives and creative solutions to make a meaningful impact on homelessness in the city.

Residents can access the full Housing and Homelessness Action Plan on the City of Moreton Bay’s website.

To report instances of individuals sleeping rough on Council land, visit


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