22 November, 2021

How will Buckley the Yowie save Christmas?

WITH the festive season looming, Woolmar-based author Tony Squire has released his ninth self-published book featuring Buckley the Yowie.

How will Buckley the Yowie save Christmas? - feature photo

Rather than depict the Yowie as a scary monster, Tony depicts him as a friendly and somewhat naïve character who lives out on Doriray Station at Sandy Creek with his adopted family, the Taylors.

In Tony’s own words, Buckley the Yowie is Australia’s Bigfoot and is “a loveable and fun loving soul from Australia’s dream time”.

More than nine feet tall, Buckley has existed since the world began and is immortal, magical, and cannot be harmed, and he is able to speak any language.

Kilcoy features in all of Tony’s books, and the author said he hoped to highlight the town “so that we get more visitors eager to find out not only about the Yowie, but the wonderful region in which we live”.

In Tony’s newest release, the setting is Christmas in 1902 while Kilcoy has been in drought all year, which is an actual event from Kilcoy’s history.

The story features many events which occurred in reality, as well as a few real figures from Kilcoy’s history.

In this book, Buckley is unable to help stop the drought, although he and his animal friends can help the locals prepare for the upcoming rains.

Another major problem is that Santa Claus and his reindeers have lost time due to the hot conditions, leaving it up to Buckley to do the Australian run in a rickety farm cart, pulled by six special deer.

The question is whether or not Buckley the Yowie is able to save Christmas Down Under, and what wonderful gift will Santa Claus leave for Buckley and the town of Kilcoy?

As is the case with Tony’s other books, Buckley Saves Christmas includes illustrations by the author. Tony said he was hopeful that through his stories: “The readers will learn not only the history of our country but perhaps pick up some good manners and morals along the way.”

Tony said the main character in the books tried to take people back to a more innocent time when neighbours were all friends, and children played together in the streets and laughed and joked together.

Buckley Saves Christmas is available as a softcover book and an e-book.

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Tony’s books can be purchased from internet stores such as Amazon, and Tony has a few copies for sale which can be requested from him.


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