19 December, 2023

Hundreds sign protest

A new State Government petition opposing Stage 4 of the Bruce Highway Alternative has already attracted over 1700 votes as residents gear up to fight plans that could see dozens of homes resumed.

Residents rally in face of property threats over highway proposal.
Residents rally in face of property threats over highway proposal.

The fierce opposition to the proposal that would require potentially 120 home resumptions in Elimbah, Caboolture and Moodlu, has already forced Transport and Main Roads to extend the deadline for submissions to February 2024.

It comes after hundreds of people packed the Elimbah Soldiers Memorial Hall to hear from local politicians’ and what they could do to help the plight of residents.

It was standing room only at the December 13 meeting, with hundreds spilling outside as State Member for Glasshouse, Andrew Powell, Member for Pumicestone, Ali King, and Division 12 Councillor, Tony Latter spoke to distressed homeowners.

Residents had been left frustrated and upset after TMR lobbed the proposed routes only weeks before the Christmas break, with a deadline of January 22 for submissions.

The evening provided a forum for community members to express their frustration, and raise their concerns while also galvanising a strategy to ensure a systematic and co-ordinated community response.

Mr Powell officially endorsed a parliamentary petition calling for the current corridor route consultation to be terminated.

“Queensland citizens draws to the attention of the House concerns about the proposed Bruce Highway Western Alternative – Stage 4 Transport Corridor, highlighting its negative impact on homes, livelihoods agriculture, wildlife, First Nations sites, and the environment,” the petition states.

“We argue that the corridor is poorly designed, environmentally destructive, and does not align with community needs or values.

The chosen route fails to address existing development patterns, long term regional growth and threatens the longstanding sense of community.

“The lack of government consultation and timing is causing unnecessary stress and anxiety.”

Principal petitioner, Jason Smith, said the community had been caught completely “off guard and left uninformed” by TMR’s proposal.

He said he was disgusted by the disregard shown by TMR towards residents throughout the entire process.

“The feedback we are hearing consistently from our community and residents who have attended the TMR information sessions is that the community is not being consulted – we are being told, and we don’t accept that,” he said.

Mr Smith said the community was not against progress and development, however they clearly felt the current route was unacceptable and wanted an alternative route further west considered.

He added the community had requested a more reasonable consultation and response period.

Member for Pumicestone, Ali King, acknowledged the process and proposal had been “upsetting and distressing” for many people and she would continue to advocate for her constituents.

She confirmed she had been speaking with TMR Regional Director, Scott Whittaker, and was able to secure an extension of the community consultation process until February 9, 2024.


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