9 August, 2023

Illegal dumping targeted in Council program

Somerset Regional Council is targeting illegal dumping activity across a number of dumping hot spot areas in the region.

Illegal dumping targeted in Council program - feature photo

Cr Sean Choat said that illegal dumping created both environmental and financial impacts.

“I’m appalled there are people in the community who are so irresponsible that they can’t be bothered doing the right thing, and in doing so are causing damage to the environment through dumping of chemicals, building waste, tyres, asbestos, weeds, toxic and other kinds of waste material,” Cr Choat said.

“Illegal dumping is proven to cause pollution in our neighbourhoods and waterways and can spread pest species such as fire ants and pest plants. It can block stormwater drains, creating dangerous conditions in the event of heavy rains or flooding, and it poses a health and safety risk for the general public.

“Council incurs significant clean-up costs each year in removing illegally dumped waste that includes asbestos, sharps and medical waste, nappies and toxic substances. Apart from the dangers to people and pets, this also creates a breeding ground for vermin.

“This unlawful activity also creates a cost to ratepayers through the need to monitor, remove and dispose of rubbish that should be handled through our waste management facilities. We know we have many fine Somerset folk who are equally disgusted by the actions of a few.”

Illegal littering and dumping are defined as the unlawful deposit of any type of waste material. Littering offences have an on the spot fine of $287 when under 200L, including littering from a vehicle or vessel; and an illegal dumping offence has an on-the-spot fine of $2,300 for 200L or more, to less than 2500L.

Council is encouraging people who call Somerset home, to report any illegal littering and /or dumping activities by calling 5424 4000.


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