18 January, 2024

Imaging comes to Woodford

A new centre for imaging and diagnostics has opened in Woodford, providing a much needed service for the local elderly.

Imaging comes to Woodford - feature photo

The new Rural and Regional Diagnostic Imaging provides ultrasounds, X-rays, CT scans and interventional procedures for easy access, being located on Woodford’s main road.

This means locals don’t need to commute 30 or more minutes to Caboolture or Morayfield anymore.

While the facility opened in October 2023, many locals were unaware.

Once the news about it being open was shared on Facebook last week, the response was huge, with multiple people sharing the sentiment “awesome”, “amazing news” and “about time”.

“That’s great. We basically have everything we need in Woodford,” Janessa Johnstone commented.

Medical sonographer Emilia Tabeson said while the elderly will benefit the most from the facility, it is intended to improve the accessibility for everyone in the community.

“Everyone is welcome to come in, ask questions, have a chat and make their life easier,” she said.

“The service is here to contribute to improving local’s own health by not having to wait two to three weeks for an available appointment in Morayfield, not to mention saving time and money on travel.”

While the opening is still a work in progress, with X-rays set to arrive in March/April and a CT scanner coming only next year, the facility has already been able to provide ultrasounds.

Ms Tabeson came up with the idea of opening the facility in Woodford, after having worked for the past six years in Kilcoy.

“I love the community and always had to drive through Woodford to get to Kilcoy anyways, so the idea came to make a middle spot, too,” she said.

The new facility also generated talk due to opening at the house formerly known as Gran’s.

While the new stripped-down exterior rendered some mild criticism, most community members are happy that the old, iconic Woodford location has continued being of help to the community.

“I think Gran would love that and I think she may be hanging around,” Kitty Worgan said.

“That is ideal and Gran’s old house is still helping people. That’s how I’m looking at it,” Bobby Winkel added.

The new imaging facility is open Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm at 76 Archer Street, Woodford.

More information can be found at or call 0481 337 673.


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