19 May, 2022

Innovative road surface at core of anti-hooning trial

MORETON BAY Regional Council and police are working together to stamp out hooning, with a trial underway of an innovative road surface that shreds tyres during burn-outs.

Innovative road surface at core of anti-hooning trial - feature photo

A calcite bauxite treatment has been laid down at two intersections at Forgan Road, Joyner and at Bult Drive, Brendale.

Moreton Bay Mayor, Peter Flannery, said the trial would determine if it stopped hooning, but also find out if the surface caused noise impacts and how well it held up under the weight of daily traffic.

“The surface would not damage tyres under normal conditions, such as when people drive according to the road rules and conditions,” Cr Flannery said.

“We are doing this because hooning is wrong on so many fronts. It’s dangerous to the public going about their lawful business, especially when you consider the real risk of accidents and serious injuries,” Cr Flannery said.

“It impacts on nearby residents, motorists who have to share the road with these hoons and pedestrians - who are the most vulnerable in these situations.

“Hooning causes noise and annoyance, damages roads, and in cases of accidents it can cause damage to innocent people’s cars, roadside property, street signs and traffic lights.

“There isn’t a good thing to be said for hooning. That’s why we are taking action and showing that there is no tolerance for hooning in the Moreton Bay region.

“We want to make the roads safe for people who are doing the right thing and not cause them any inconvenience as they go about their daily lives.

“The trial will ultimately be measured in terms of our success in reducing hooning. We’re working with residents and businesses and so far we haven’t had any more reports of hooning in the locations with the new road surface.”

The trial will monitor the surface for up to nine months, with council then determining whether to roll it out at other hooning hotspots, identified from residents’ complaints.

“This is expected to be an ongoing program from council that covers larger areas where there is hooning - so people can’t just move to the next intersection and do their burn-outs there instead.

“Council also has mobile camera units that we can install around the region in known hooning hotspots, and we can share footage with police. Hoons are warned that it’s only a matter of time.”

Bult Drive, in Brendale’s industrial area, was chosen for the trial to measure how the surface would hold up under heavy vehicle use, while the intersections along Forgan Road were identified as a result of residents’ complaints to Cr Cath Tonks (Div 9).

“It is quite concerning for residents who hear it and worry about possible accidents - and for young children the noise during the night can be quite confronting,” Cr Tonks said.

“On Forgan Road, residents have been reporting regular instances of a lot of hooning noise, speeding vehicles, with tyre marks and rubber being left behind at the intersections.

“Many Brendale business owners also got in touch with me as they were also impacted by the damage and rubbish left behind by the hooning activity.

“Sunday nights were particularly bad, with masses of people gathering, doing burn-outs and leaving behind tyre marks, beer bottles, a terrible smell of burnt rubber - and even tyres.

“The business owners would quite often clean up the area after larger hooning events just so they could trade the next day."

Moreton Police District Senior Constable Jo Arthur said hooning included illegal street racing, speeding, burn-outs, playing loud music, and dangerous and reckless driving.

“We have been asked more about hooning offences in the region recently - and what can be done to stop this behaviour,” she said.

“We are encouraging residents, particularly those who live near council traffic cameras, to report all hooning incidents.

“By reporting all offences, this helps police narrow down dates and times and easily request the offence footage from council.

“We encourage people to reporting hooning and suspicious behaviour so that we can address these problems together and make Moreton Police District safer.”

To make a report phone the Hoonline on 131 666.


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