11 June, 2024

It’s time to rally, fellas

Moreton Bay husbands, fathers, brothers, sons, uncles and friends are being called to rally together at the inaugural Real Men Rally event at Kayo Stadium on June 16.

Mayor Peter Flannery and event organiser Sean Gordon OAM Photo credit: Dominika Lis and Moreton Daily
Mayor Peter Flannery and event organiser Sean Gordon OAM Photo credit: Dominika Lis and Moreton Daily

The rally is a public call asking ‘real men’ to come together and stand up for women, to end the scourge of domestic violence against women and show their solidarity, wanting to be part of the solution.

The first time event, which is already turning into a movement, has the aim of stopping to blame men, rather focusing on empowering and educating them to support anyone who they know is struggling, letting them know they will be supported if they seek help.

Wamuran local Karen Ahl, who created the logo and website for the new organisation, said she “just had to raise my hand”.

“This event, the Real Men Rally didn’t exist a month ago. This is literally a bootstrapped, honest and organic event that’s been passionately supported by so many local businesses, organisations and individuals,” she said.

“While we’re new, feedback so far is that men are relieved that our message is not about blaming men.

“We’ve made a very conscious effort to focus more on education and support, acknowledging that most men are truly good and that men are not always the ones to perpetrate.”

Despite being brand new, Ms Ahl said they have already had four other locations express interest in the initiative, wanting to mirror the event under the same banner, which she described as “an honour”.

The idea for the event came about when a handful of local business owners and community supporters band together, with mindset coach and speaker Sean Gordon OAM being the founder.

Mr Gordon said the idea behind the rally is an attempt to activate men in response to the DV crisis across the community.

“DV can impact men, siblings, elders and other but overwhelmingly it impacts women and is delivered by men. So, we men need to be a big part of the solution”, he said.

“I hope it helps to create a more solution based conversation across the city and help in moving the needle.

“Please share with men’s groups, sports groups, schools, businesses employing men, but we want all women with us on the day too.”

The list of guest speakers expected include speakers who are survivors of DV, a speaker who shares a bystander point of view, and another who was a perpetrator.

Moreton Bay Mayor, Peter Flannery, the Police Commissioner and the Attorney-General will also speak, amongst many others.

Cr Flannery is encouraging everyone to join the rally on Sunday, showing domestic violence will not be tolerated in Moreton Bay.

“This is a tangible way for men - in fact, everyone really - to step forward and make a commitment that they’re going to be accountable for what they do and also what they see other men doing,” he said.

“Too many people are dying. When you hear of, usually a female partner, dying every four days in Australia, that’s horrific.”

Ms Ahl said, “Who ever you are, bring your husbands, sons, nephews as well as your wives, daughters and nieces.”

Registration is available online at or just show up on the day.

If you cannot make it, you can sign the “DV Stops With Me!” ledge. Entry is free. Gates open at 8.30am at Gate 1.

The rally will be from 9 to 11am.

Lions Clubs of North Lakes and Redcliff e will have BBQ on the go.


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