24 August, 2023

Kilcoy-Beerwah Road still one lane, with no full re-opening in sight

Glass House MP Andrew Powell has once again prodded the Department of Transport and Main Roads for a re-opening date following the prolonged closure of one lane on Kilcoy-Beerwah Road at Cedarton.

Kilcoy-Beerwah Road still one lane, with no full re-opening in sight - feature photo

“The road has now been closed for 530 days after a drain failed and the road slipped following heavy rain in February and March 2022,” Mr Powell said.

In Parliament in February this year, Mr Powell asked the Main Roads Minister to provide a time-line for the re-opening of both lanes.

As the damage was caused by a natural disaster, the response indicated that repairs were not advancing because negotiations were stalled between the federal and state governments over who would pay for what.

“A month ago, I tried again because after a year and a half later there really are no excuses for the issue not being resolved,” Mr Powell said.

“TMR has stated that rectification works will require multiple design elements due to the steep embankment failure and the high risk rating the site received during the post-flood inspection.

“They’ve also mentioned that significant work has already been undertaken to complete detailed damage assessments and site investigations, but they cannot confirm the timing for construction.

“I get the project is complicated and that we need to get this right, but where is the time-line? Kilcoy-Beerwah Road is well-travelled by locals and tourists alike and they deserve to know when this section will be restored to two fully functioning lanes.

“When is enough, enough? After two years? Three? The Minister and TMR are treating our communities and commuters with contempt and I won’t stop till we get a time-line for re-opening and construction commences.”


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