1 May, 2021

Kilcoy Rodeo helps Hudson Hear

Kilcoy Rodeo Committee Inc. conducted a successful rodeo on Saturday 27 March, 2021. The number of people who came to enjoy this event far exceeded all expectations. Kilcoy Rodeo has become one of the premier rodeos on the NRA calendar and this year was no exception. The cowboys battled some of the toughest rough stock available from CMC Rodeo Company, while the best cowgirls in the country competed in the hotly contested barrel race and breakaway roping events.

Kilcoy Rodeo helps Hudson Hear - feature photo

Kilcoy Rodeo Committee would like to recognise the wonderful work done by our many volunteers and also acknowledge the help from our great sponsors. Without these people the rodeo would not happen.  Kilcoy Rodeo Committee is a not-for-profit organisation and as such has donated over $13,000 to various community clubs and organisations in and around Kilcoy as a result of this year’s rodeo.

This year we invited all patrons to become involved in the “Help Hudson Hear” campaign encouraging everyone to place their recyclable items into the bins provided. We were excited to be informed that approximately $1,200 was raised in recycled items, $900 in the raffle, $1,000 from the joint catering at the canteen and the rodeo committee also donated a further $2,000. We wish Hudson and his family all the best toward this worthy fund-raiser.

Kilcoy Rodeo committee will be holding a planning meeting soon toward preparing for the running of the Kilcoy Rodeo in 2022. If anyone is interested in being part of our great committee, please contact Robbie Christie on 0417 640 571.


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