8 April, 2022

Kilcoy Swimming Club hands out awards

THE Kilcoy Swimming Club concluded its 2021-22 season with the presentation of awards at the pool on the afternoon of Friday, April 1.

Kilcoy Swimming Club hands out awards - feature photo

Swimmers came from Kilcoy, Mount Kilcoy, Woodford and Toogoolawah to take part in the Kilcoy Swimming Club season, featuring Monday night meets.

Not all of the awards were given at the presentation, as numerous parents and children were absent due to Covid.


U6 girls: Willow Grice 1st, Sunny Francis 2nd;U6 boys: Cole Pratten 1st;

U7 girls: Annabelle Wiggett 1st;

U8 girls: Hayley Everett 1st;U9 girls: Madeline Elliott 1st;

U9 boys: James Potts 1st; Kip Kranenburg 2nd;

U10 girls: Makeea Schimke 1st; Eloise Randall 2nd; Phoebe Bechly 3rd; Bliss Francis 4th; Zoe Schiffke 5th; Georgia Ede 6th;

U10 boys: Joshua Bennett 1st; William Bassingthwaighte 2nd;

U11 girls: Charlee Hallam 1st; Arna Elliott 2nd; Halle Bickel;

U11 boys: Drew Pratten 1st;

U12 girls: Lucy Bennett 1st; Emmy Francis 2nd;

U12 boys: Clay Deaves 1st.

High point report: 1 Drew Pratten; 2 James Potts; 3 Bliss Francis; 4 Clay Deaves; 5 Emmy Francis; 6 Willow Grice; 7 Eloise Randall; 8 Charlee Hallam; 9 Makeea Schimke; 10 Arna Elliott.


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