16 August, 2023

Koalas on the move; please beware

Residents are warned to be aware of the presence of koalas, after a koala sustained severe injuries when struck by a vehicle near Esk in the early afternoon on Monday of last week.

Koalas on the move; please beware - feature photo

The koala named ‘Sparrow’ sustained a ruptured eye, fractured cheekbone and bleeding abdomen as he was accidentally hit by a car while crossing the Brisbane Valley Highway, just south of Esk.

The driver acted quickly and wrapped the seriously injured koala in a blanket, before taking him to a nearby vet.

The Ipswich Koala Protection Society (IKPS) then collected ‘Sparrow’ and took him to the Wacol RSPCA Wildlife Hospital, where his injuries were assessed.

Care4esK said it would be a miracle if ‘Sparrow’ survived.

“The important message behind this heartbreaking story, is that it is now breeding season for koalas, so they are on the move and, they have very little road sense,” Care4esK said in a statement.

“Koalas are wild animals with wild animal instincts.

“Awareness is our responsibility.

“Please drive with animal awareness at all times.

“Our precious wildlife already have so many threats to contend with.

“We must do the best we can, to make their chances of survival easier for them.

“Thank you to the many wonderful people who have helped Sparrow.”


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